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KH Nature Photos Magnet Set: Capturing the Beauty of Idaho


Bring the breathtaking beauty of Idaho into your home with our exclusive set of five magnets from KH Nature Photos. Each magnet showcases a stunning photograph taken by local nature photographer, KH, featuring the serene landscapes and vibrant wildlife of Kuna and McCall, Idaho. This set includes:

- A ladybug delicately perched on a branch
- A majestic waterfall cascading into nature
- A dandelion against a mesmerizing sunset background
- The moon illuminating the night sky
- A vibrant sunflower in full bloom

Perfect for your fridge or any magnetic surface, these magnets celebrate the unique charm and natural splendor of our beloved state. Embrace the local artistry and let the essence of Idaho brighten your space with KH Nature Photos Magnet Set.

Magnets (Set of 5)

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