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Experience the fun at our studio 

From arts & crafts to arcade thrills, game room excitement, and our tempting snack bar, we have a little something for everyone. Come check it out today! 

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Arts & Crafts

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or just feeling inspired, our studio is the perfect place to let your creativity soar.
Drop in anytime and let the creativity flow, no reservations required!


Game Room🎲

The ultimate hangout spot for board game enthusiasts! Grab a seat, gather your friends, and dive into a world of strategy and fun. With a wide variety of board games to choose from, cozy seating, and a chill vibe, our game room is the perfect place to lounge and play games to your heart's content.



The Kave, our very own mini arcade packed with retro charm and modern fun


Snack Bar

Enjoy fun specialty snacks and drinks!


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